Easily manage the purchasing of goods for nursing homes.

We help over 700 nursing homes manage the purchasing across all departments.

How it works

Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs with least cost picking
  • Consolidate your purchasing
  • Create and enforce budgets
  • Audit your vendor invoices
  • Monitor via advanced reporting
  • Connect with all your vendors
  • Organize your purchasing

Who are our customers?

  • Large nursing home groups
  • Small nursing home groups
  • Purchasing groups
  • Single nursing homes
  • Hotel chains
Watch a three minute video on
How to Place an Order
Oncare Mobile

We are not just software.

We believe that we are not just a software company we are also a service. We show you how to use our software to become more efficient at purchasing. With efficiency we teach you how to reduce your cost.

We love supporting our customers.

We love giving support. Through support we find out how to serve our customers better. We listen to what our customers say and try to make the software better based on our customers’ suggestions.

We keep your data safe.

We believe in stability that’s why we chose Rackspace as our partner that hosts our software. With Rackspace as your hosting company you could be assured that our server will have 99.9% uptime. YOU could also be assured your data will be backed up offsite every day.

Training is a breeze.

We trained so many purchasing groups that we have training down to a science. It is extremely easy to learn how to use our software.