Oncare Features

The Oncare system has tons of great features to help you grow your business and focus on the more important things.

We believe that we are not just a software company we are also a service. We show you how to use our software to become more efficient
at purchasing. With efficiency we teach you how to reduce your cost.

  • Approval System
  • Budget by department
  • Budgets Alerts
  • Create Order from History
  • Receiving
  • Reconciliation
  • Reduce cost by least cost picking
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Standing Orders
  • Upload Management
  • User Rights
  • Request for Quote
  • Vendor Portal
  • Census Management
  • Spark Lines and Order Trends

Approval System

With the Oncare Approval system you could set who has to approve an order for an order placed in each department. For example you could set it so that in facility solar healthcare a dietary order has to be approved by john@solarhealtcare. Every time a dietary order is sent for approval then John will get an email that he needs to approve the order. You could even set it a muti tiered approval proccess.

Budget by department

You could set what the budget is per department, and per facility. You could set the budget to be weekly or monthly.

Budgets Alerts

If your budget is exceeded you could set who gets the budget warning per facility, and per department.

Create Order from History

You could create an order using the history. When creating an order using the history you will be centering all the items this facility has ordered in the last X timeframe.


When an order is placed you could compare what was received versus what was ordered. The quantity received field is defaulted to the amount of the purchase order so if you want to audit your vendors by comparing receiving it is really simple. You will only have to change the quantity received of the items that were under shipped.


With Oncare you could compare the invoice amount verses the Purchase order amount. You could even compare back ordered invoices. Therefore you could even compare multiple invoices for a single purchase order.

Reduce cost by least cost picking

The oncare software will least cost pick the cheapest vendor. The way it works is as follows: when the person in the facility places an order he sends it for approval. Once sent the cheapest vendor is picked for each item. The approving person will send out multiple purchase orders for each order created. The administrator of the system can create all kinds of custom rules that dictate how to least cost route the orders.

Reporting Dashboard

The oncare dashboard is a way to get your important numbers quickly and visually. This is a great tool for executives trying to compare multiple facilities.


There reports are very customizable. With the different possible customizations there over 2000 report results. With this many possibilities you could see the data any way you like.

Standing Orders

Set an order to auto create itself every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is great for the bread, and milk orders. Email notifications go out when the orders are created.

Upload Management

With the upload manager you will be able to pretty much enter any kind of product. And price related data via a spreadsheet. The upload manager allows you to configure the file layout as you upload the file so you don’t need to create or remember how to layout the files. The upload manager makes it really easy to manage your data via spreadsheets.

User Rights

You could set the rights for each user that has access to the system. You could configure which facilities, vendors and category rights each user has rights to. You could also configure which sections of the software a user has rights to.

Request for Quote

With the request for a quote system you could put aproduct out for quotes. This means the vendors will quote an order and you could pick the cheapest quote and turn it into a purchase order. This is great for DME orders.

Vendor Portal

With the vendor portal your vendors could interface with the oncare software. The vendors could interface on: Prices, purchase orders, Product catalogue, and Invoices. To see more info click here

Census Management

You could force users to enter their census each week while placing their orders. Then the approving officer could see the numbers by census. The census could tie in to the budget numbers.

Spark Lines and Order Trends

Analyze your order amounts by watching the trends. With spark lines you could quickly identify if an order is not following the normal trends.

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