Welcome To Oncare

We help over 1000 nursing homes manage the purchasing across all departments

We believe that we are not just a software company we are also a service. We show you how to use our software to become more efficient
at purchasing. With efficiency we teach you how to reduce your cost.

  • Who We Are

    Oncare is a software company that was built to transform the face of purchasing. Founded by Sam Schwartz in 2004 after previous experience in healthcare technologies, Oncare has since

  • What We Do

    Oncare purchasing system will allow you to take purchasing to the next level. Our software includes features like vendor integration and shopping cart punch-out, budget monitoring, and much more!

  • why choose us

    Oncare is a growing business with a major focus on complete customer satisfaction. We work with each of our customer to build custom features and integrations.

How It Works

We keep your data safe

We believe in stability that’s why we chose Rackspace as our partner that hosts our software. With Rackspace as your hosting company you could be assured that our server will have 99.9% uptime. YOU could also be assured your data will be backed up offsite every day.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce costs with least cost picking
  • Consolidate your purchasing
  • Create and enforce budgets
  • Audit your vendor invoices
  • Monitor via advanced reporting
  • Connect with all your vendors
  • Organize your purchasing

Introducing Oncare Mobile

Imagine being able to create your Oncare orders right from the stock room. Introducing Oncare Mobile. With our new HTML5 site you will be able to view and create your oncare orders using any mobile device with an internet connection. Oncare Mobile is great for seeing what’s in your inventory, and putting in the order quantities right from where the product your ordering is stored. Once signed up you would use the same username, and password that you use to login to the regular Oncare system.

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